Sunday, August 18, 2013

One silly question....

Yesterday was a big day in my life. I've been studying non-stop for the State Real Estate Exam. You must pass this exam to apply for a license - something I've been working on since March!

I've been worrying myself sick. I've been thinking negative thoughts - which is SO not me.

Well, I didn't pass, ladies and gents. Or, let me rephrase. I missed ONE too many questions on one of the portions which resulted in four black, ugly letters in all caps to appear on my result paper: FAIL. You have to get 75 questions right, I got 74 questions right. The silver lining? The test is composed of two sections, and I passed one of them. This means I only have to re-take the part I failed. As my glass-half-full husband said afterwards, "it definitely was not a wasted day!"

Can I just quickly comment on the word "FAIL"? What a disgusting word. I mean, really. It's so condescending and offensive. Even if the paper would have said "You suck at life" I feel like it would have been easier to read.

The earliest I can re-take this test is Saturday, Aug 31. This means two more weeks of studying. Two more weeks of delaying the fun and exciting stuff. Two more weeks of trying to push those negative "what if I FAIL a second time" thoughts out of my head. But, I can do it. I WILL do it!

Thankful for my Mom who drove up last night saying "I knew you'd need me either way!" and switched her shopping list from champagne to wine. Thankful for my friend Stacy who spent her evening with us. After eating through a table full of appetizers, drinking two raspberry bellini martinis and sharing lots of laughs, it ended up being a wonderful evening.

Thanks to all of you who said a little prayer or thought good thoughts for me yesterday. At least I passed half of the exam, right?! Brian was right - definitely NOT a wasted day.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Today was a hard day for me. It was also a day filled with happiness; for I was reminded of how blessed I truly am. Blessed to have friends and family who care for me, pray for me and think of me. Blessed to have coworkers who value me and want the best for me. Blessed to have a house to call home, a loving husband to share dinner with and a dog who actually trips over himself to greet me when I come home. 

For all these moments and thousands of other ones, I thank my gracious, loving, perfect God. It's a beautiful thing to have faith.