Sunday, November 24, 2013


For Mother's Day, I did something a little different this year. My mom and I both have one tattoo already and as most people will agree, once you have one, you want another! I made a little booklet of different tattoo pictures.  Here's what it looked like:
A few weeks ago, my mom made an impromptu decision to accompany my dad on a business trip and instead of going all the way to Chicago, I picked her up to spend the day and night with me. It was an awesome spur of the moment plan! While running a few errands that afternoon I jokingly suggested I could make good on my gift and we could get tattoos. After I said it, I got all chickened out and nervous. 

We stopped at a tattoo parlor and as fate would have it, the guy was booked straight for a month but just had a cancellation that Monday afternoon and had the hour open. So, we did it! 

Let me just tell you, getting a tattoo stings!  I can't imagine getting a sleeve of them or lots of big artsy ones. Thankfully, both of our tattoos took less than 5 minutes. Whew! You sure do feel like a badass afterwards, though! 

Here's my mom's:

And here's mine:

I wanted a visual reminder to keep things into perspective, with God at the center which is symbolized by the cross coming off the e. I just love it! Easily cover-up-able with long sleeves, a watch or bracelet. But still, something I'll see throughout the day reminding me to slow down, pray and be thankful for the incredible life I have, no matter how stressed I feel.

Do you have a tattoo? Did yours take longer than 5 minutes? Ouch.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ebates: Give a little, get a little!

Though I refuse to listen to Christmas music, buy a peppermint mocha and decorate my house for the best holiday of the year, I will soon start shopping for Christmas presents. This year, I think I'll be shopping a little differently....

Have you heard of ebates? WELL, allow me!

I just found out about this site through a co-worker. This website has been around since 1999 and here's how it works:
1) Use this link to sign up:
2) Click on various store website URLs to shop
3) Shop. Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, house goods, clothes, Christmas cards even!?
4) ebates tracks your purchases and even gives you between 1-8% cash back for your purchases (each store varies)
5) Once a quarter, ebates literally PAYS YOU for shopping!


Use the link I put above to sign up. I'm already loving this site - you will too!! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Fam Photos

Before this beautiful season turns to a freezing cold winter with bare trees and grey skies, I wanted to get pictures taken. I love when colored leaves are everywhere and the crunchy sound made when your boots walk over them. Plus, fall weather is cozy and romantic. Anyway, a good friend agreed to follow my little family around a local park and take pictures for us. Of course, the idea was to get one great photo for Christmas cards, but I also think it's lovely to just simply get nice pictures taken each year. Hopefully it's something we can keep up each fall.

I'm so excited with how they turned out!!! Below are a few of my favorites :)

Can you feel the love?? There's a lot of it between the three of us. We sure are lucky. Thanks to my beautiful friend Stacy for taking our photos!