Monday, July 29, 2013

Midwestern Nice-ness

With all the crap that's constantly on TV or in the news, sometimes it's nice to be reminded of nice people doing nice things.

I've always lived in the Midwest. Born in Maryland, actually, but grew up in Wisconsin and Indiana. For the most part, people around here have always been kind. It wasn't until I moved to Valparaiso that I realized chivalry is alive and well. Not so much the "let me order for you" kinda stuff - this is 2013 and I can order dinner for myself, thank you very much - but the opening doors, or letting a lady go before a man kinda stuff is happening everyday around here. I hope God blesses my husband and I with a boy someday so that we can raise him to be one of those guys - the world needs more of them.

In other news, my Midwestern parents are doing something so great next weekend and I think it's fantastic. One Sunday at church, they heard the story of a Haitian woman living under a very leaky roof. She has multiple children living with her and cannot afford to fix the roof. My parents wanted to step in and try to help. They have organized a garage sale and will be selling their things and anyone else's things in hopes to fix not only 1 roof, but 3 as they want to help multiple families. Isn't that just cool!? I love it.

That's all I've got tonight. If I ever want to become a Real Estate Agent (which I'm currently working towards if you read my previous post), I've got to finish this online class and start studying for the state exam. So if you're looking for me these next 3 weeks, I'll most likely be studying. I apologize in advance for being boring or cutting phone calls short.

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