Friday, October 4, 2013

Our First Anniversary Vacation

Vacation is good for the soul. Getting away from work, email, all the worries, the to-do lists, all the things that need to be done around the house is just what we need once in a while. Add in a sandy beach, hot sun, dinners out and some frozen alcoholic beverages and you've pretty much got the perfect vacation. 

Brian and I decided on Hilton Head Island for our first anniversary trip. It's close enough to drive (though still brutal) and far enough away to feel like you're really somewhere else. We even said yesterday that it feels like we're in Mexico or the Caribbean. Sans the language barrier, bad water, expensive flight and lack of an internet connection. If you have never been here, add it to your list! Especially the first week of October. There are enough people where you don't feel like its a ghost town, but you also feel at times like it's your own private place.

We've done all kinds of things. We've biked 12 miles on the beach, explored Harbor Town where the famous lighthouse is, dined at some of the local establishments, shopped at the outlet mall, jumped the Atlantic Oceans's waves and spent entirely way too much time in the very hot sun. Here are a few pics to share:

My absolute favorite thing we've done so far is going out to the beach one night late after dinner. Brought red wine, chairs and peanut butter m&ms and stared at the star-covered sky while listening to the crash of the waves. There were no lights and no other people around and it was just the coolest thing. 

Before coming to HHI, we detoured to Nashville to break up the trip and spent a night in that fun city. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were upgraded to a gigantic corner suite. Felt like my dad! That kind of stuff just doesn't happen to mid-twenty-somethings!! Even though it was a Sunday night, there was lots of activity downtown and we spent the evening in three different bars listening to live bands, drinking whiskey and loving life. Here are a few pics from this fun evening:

We have one more day today to enjoy it all. Tomorrow, we leave bright and early and drive the 14-15 hours home. We're very excited to see our pup and have a day at home before a busy week starts. Plus, Sunday's our actual anniversary!!
I will be writing an anniversary post so more to come on that later. 


  1. Love the pictures Molly and I am glad that you are having a great vacation and I am so excited to wish you a happy one year anniversary on sunday!! I can believe it !! this year has gone by so fast.. Love you and drive safe. Miss you both so much!!xoxo
    God Bless,
    Love, Nicole

  2. So fun! Thanks for sharing. I absolutely LOVE Nashville, and thanks to you I now have Hilton Head on my future travel list. Hope you have a fun "road trip" back to good 'ol Indiana. We've missed you!


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