Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Twenties.

Today, I had lunch with a beautiful friend. I mean, she's the kind of person who truly has a beautiful soul. Every time I walk away from spending time with her, I feel refreshed and like I just spent time with one of God's angels. I can't say I have too many other friends like her and I think her kind are rare but I feel very blessed to know her. 

Among many things, we chatted today about the twenties. This time in life that's full of changes both big and small. It's also full of many questions, doubt, worrying and wondering. There is a lot of dreaming but then reality is right there, smacking us in the face. 

The two of us discussed the many changes happening right now in our lives. We have both been fully open to change, embracing it and letting it envelop us.  It's incredibly scary, but it feels exciting and adventurous too. 

I'm not even halfway through my twenties yet, and there have already been lots and lots of life changes. So here's to seeing what the rest of these years bring, and facing anything new head on with an open, willing and trusting heart. 
As Romans 8:28 says:

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